EDC Artist Pencil Caps

Made to Order
Handmade with full grain veg tan leather

Size: 2cm W * 5cm L

This pencil cap, made from 2mm-thick vegetable tanned leather, features a basic shape that perfectly fits standard drawing pencils. It’s an ideal companion for artists who often sketch outdoors, effectively protecting the pencil. Whether you choose to keep your pencil in a case, directly in a bag, or even in your pocket, it is highly practical. With this cap, there’s no need to worry about damage to the pencil’s tip.

☞ Notice: Handcrafted products differ from factory-made ones. They may bear some unique traces or characteristics inherent only to their handmade nature, which is perfectly normal and expected.
☞ Notice: For styles featuring patterns, such as Marble or Splatter, the pattern on the product you receive may not perfectly match the image shown on our website. Find out why? Click here!
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